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Finishing refers to the overall look of the stone surface. You have different options before you. You can opt for a polished look or a faded appearance to give off an antique vibe. Whatever you prefer, there is usually a specific stone finish that will satisfy your personal taste and preference.

With Reliable Marble Care, we can educate you on` the different stone finish that you can choose from. Depending on where the stone will be used, there is a specific finish that will suit its purpose. For instance, if you will use it as a kitchen countertop, you can opt for a polished look. But if you want to use it on the floor, you might have to go for a textured finish to keep the surface from being too slippery to walk on.

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These are some of the things that our professional team can help you with. We commit to our goal of being 100% honest and committed to the utmost satisfaction of our clients. One thing is guaranteed, we will do our very best to make sure that you will love your stone finish.