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Have you noticed that your stone surface is looking dull? It is probably screaming for some good old polishing!

Some people think that polishing a stone surface involves a magic potion or chemical after it is cleaned. Other people think that the dull and etch marks are part of the “marble appeal.” Both are popular misconceptions.

That shiny polish on a marble is actually part of the stone itself. It is further enhanced by a high friction stone polishing machine. This is done in a factory before it gets to your home. This is the reason why the polishing of your stone surface is best left in the hands of a professional.

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marble image
marble image

Polishing a stone surface when it is already installed requires the skill of an experienced and trained marble restoration professional. It will not only improve the look of the stone, it can even protect it from damage.

With Reliable Marble Care, we use special tools and abrasives to bring back the shiny polish of a stone surface. We use the highest quality of polishing techniques to improve the stone’s reflectivity and clarity to give it a brand new look. It involves a multi-step process that we would gladly explain to you so you understand how to take care of your marble stone. It has to be noted that it is not the chemical that brings the polished shine of the stone surface – it is because of the process.

So if you have to polish your stone surface, make sure you one go to a trusted and reliable company with years of experience behind them. Reliable Marble Care should be your one and only choice.