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It is hard to keep stone surfaces from stains or spills. This is why sealing is a very important investment if you want to keep its natural beauty for a long time. It is not just the exterior that you are protecting, you are also protecting the interior of the stone.

Marble, as a stone, is very porous. That is its natural composition. It can be easily stained by various spills or etched by acids. May it be fruit juices, carbonated drinks or other acidic liquids, these spills can remove the shine of the stone surface if it is not removed properly. Once the surface is etched, polishing will be required.

marble image
marble image

If you have a sealant on the stone surface, polishing does not have to happen often. The sealer will fill the pores in the marble and this can repel any spills from staining the surface. This will give you enough time to wipe the spill thoroughly and avoid a deeper penetration of the liquid. This minimizes stains from happening.

Reliable Marble Care can help you identify the best sealant that can protect your stone surface. Our service includes thorough cleaning of the stone before the application of the sealant. That way, the pores will be sealed and the stone surface protected for as long as possible.