There are various options if you want to have a marble surface at your house. It is understandable if you want to use marble – after all, it can easily make a home look elegant and luxurious. If you choose the right color, it can add character into your house.

When you are choosing a marble for your home, one of the options that you have to decide on is whether you will use a honed or polished marble stone. These two are the different types of marble finish. To help you decide which finish your marble will take, let us define it characteristics.


A honed marble surface means it has more texture than a polished marble. That does not mean it is not smooth – it still is. It is just that it is not as shiny as a polished marble. In fact, it has more of a satin to velvety feel to it. This type of finish is very scratch resistant – at least in comparison with a polished surface. It can be scratched, but it will not be too obvious because it does not reflect light very well. It’s surface also means it can soak up liquids a lot faster. This is why you need to make sure it is cleaned immediately after a liquid spill. You may have to reseal marble surfaces with this type of finish more frequently to protect it. Because of the feel of the honed marble surface, it is not too slippery when it is wet. All of these characteristics make it a perfect surface for high-traffic areas or well-used countertops. That means you can use it as a floor surface or kitchen countertop.


A polished surface, on the other hand, is more reflective of the light – this is what makes it appear glossy and shiny. At one glance, you will see how smooth a marble surface is. Thanks to the polished finish, this surface is more protected compared to a honed finish. That means it can withstand stains better. However, the reflective finish makes scratches easier to spot. That means it should be placed somewhere that will not be subjected to heavy foot traffic. The polish also makes it very slippery when it is wet – so keep that in mind for your family’s safety.

Consider these characteristics when you are trying to decide on the type of finish for your marble surface. The more you know about the marble stone you installed in your home, the more you can take care of it better.

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