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Grinding marble seems like a daunting task. The truth is, it can be. If your stone surface is showing too much scratches and marks, the only way you can restore it is by grinding it. Even before you can polish it, grinding is sometimes necessary to make all your restoration efforts effective and long-lasting.

In case your stone surface only shows light marks and scratches, you may be able to grind it on your own. However, if you have deep cracks, uneven tiles, holes or hairline fractures, these issues require a professional hand.

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marble image
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If you fear that grinding your marble surface is too hard for you to manage, do not worry. Reliable Marble Care can help you with this task. We only use abrasive diamond tools – one of the most high quality restoration tools available. We prefer this process over chemical polishing because it does not leave some film on the stone surface. These films can prevent the stone from breathing and could shorten the effect of the restoration efforts. Based on our years of experience, we observed that grinding produces a more natural shine and has longer lasting results.