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Grouting and Re-grouting

Grouting is a process that fills the joints and cleans the stone surface of a marble slab. While there is a process that removes the grout in installation, this is usually the preferred method because of the lesser chance of damage to the stone.

The thing is, grouting and re-grouting is something that professionals should do. While there are Do-It-Yourself kits out there, there is nothing like having an expert do it for you. Proper grouting will keep the stone from being damaged and will maximize the period needed before re-grouting is needed.

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With Reliable Marble Care, we can assure you that our grouting methods are thorough and precise. We only use high-quality tools and materials. Even if the task involves re-grouting, we can help clean-up and improve the look of the stone surface. Sometimes, a discolored grout will compromise the natural beauty of a marble. Let us help you freshen up your stone surface through our time-tested process of re-grouting and sealing service.

Our grouting and re-grouting service usually comes as a package with all other services that will help revive the look of your stone surface. We will help you restore, polish, grind, seal, finish, and re-grout any marble stone surface. Give us a call so we can discuss special discounts and promotions that are currently available. Our expert team is committed to meet your expectations while sticking to your budget.