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Restoration and Repair

Are you troubled because your stone surface is showing signs of its age? Is it worn, scratched, chipped or stained? Is there any other form of damage that is destroying its natural beauty?

Our expert stone masons can help you with that dilemma! We can restore the appearance of your stone surface so it will look as good as new – if not better. Our technique will reduce the chances of further damage in the stone.

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And we assure you that we will not do a “cheap and quick fix.” Most of the time, these methods end up damaging the stone and creating a more discolored and dull marble surface. Our trained stone specialists use sheer craftsmanship to make sure that your stone surface will be restored to its former glory.

We understand that a stone surface can be very expensive. As much as possible, we would like to keep you from replacing it. Not only will it cost you, the process of replacing stone is also very difficult! That means labor costs will also be a problem for you!

If you choose to trust Reliable Marble Care with the restoration and repair of your stone surface, we will do our best to keep you from this very expensive cost. This is why we have dedicated our career in learning various techniques to restore and repair marble stones. With our professional stone restoration and repair service, we can help you save money while keeping that very valuable investment (the marble stone!) looking great in the years to come.